Mountain Ridge Defeats North 42-6

Phoenix– North High suffered a tough loss to Mountain Ridge 42-6 Friday night in a scrappy contest. Mountain Ridge committed 18 penalties, riddling the field with yellow flags for infractions such as offsides and personal fouls. In a game strewn with penalties for the Mountain Lions, the Mustangs could not take advantage. 

In the first drive of the game the Mustangs offense started off coordinated and in-sync with a crisp pass from quarterback Caleb Miller. Number 4 for the Mustangs scrambled towards the sideline, slung his arm back, and threw a bomb to his brother, Cylan Miller, who hauled it in at the 22-yard line. The following play, Caleb Miller surveyed the field, and threw what looked like an open pass, until a downed Mountain Ridge defender lunged off the turf and snagged it straight out of the air. This play wrote the story for the rest of the game, the Mustangs knocking on the door, but never walking through. 

“I saw the linebacker come up and I underthrew it,” said Caleb Miller. “It was a good read, I just missed the throw.”

Mountain Ridge answered back with a sloppy drive, getting two false starts back-to-back in the first two snaps of the possession. Nonetheless, they moved down the field at a swift pace. Hitting screen passes for big gains, shooting through the gaps on running plays, and consistently converting on slant routes. In between penalties, the Lions displayed a powerful offense. 

In the second quarter, North High trailed 14-0 and inserted Luke Haugo at quarterback. The Mustang offense came alive. On third-and-four, Haugo took the snap and, under heavy pressure, launched a pass that Ezy Brown caught 42 yards downfield to the Mountain Ridge 17. The North High sidelines erupted with cheers.

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